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Supporting Research

We will lay the groundwork for future studies of postdocs by supplementing the survey?s core assessment questions with questions that address the research interests of our partners and advisors. The goal is to provide these parties with an easy and inexpensive way to obtain preliminary data on areas of interest. Members of the Sloan Science Workforce Project at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) have expressed interest in including questions on career paths. Maresi Nerad of the National Research Center for Graduate Education at the University of Washington has expressed interest in questions on family-related issues. We will work to lay groundwork for the NSF officials who are currently considering fielding a postdoc survey in 2007 and will consult with the NSF?s postdoc working group on questions of interest.

The software and methods we develop will be generally applicable to surveying both postdocs and graduate students. We will carefully evaluate and document our processes and methodology, and we will make our survey materials, documentation, database of programs and labs, software and evaluation available to aid future researchers working on related projects.

Project Overview