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Sigma Xi Postdoc Survey Partners

Our partners in the survey project

We have forged a number of important partnerships to strengthen the survey project.


The National Postdoctoral Association helped to shape the survey content and recruit postdoc offices and organizations as participants.

nextwave1       AAS

The Postdoc Network at Science's Next Wave participated in developing the survey content, and promoting the survey.

nber Science and Engineering Workforce Project

We have worked with members of the National Bureau of Economic Research's Science and Engineering Workforce Project , members of the National Science Foundation's postdoctoral working group and the National Institutes of Health to analyze data and ensure that our results address areas of interest to each group.


Sigma Xi worked with RTI International's survey methodologists preserve the methodological rigor of the project.


Survey specialists at the Research Triangle Institute guided the design of the survey instrument and helped develop methodological guidelines.

Finally, we will work with local Sigma Xi chapters to directly engage postdocs and postdoc mentors at the target institutions. 

Sigma Xi would like to acknowledge the following chapters for their hard work and dedication to the cause of enhancing the postdoc experience:

University of Michigan

University of Georgia

New Mexico State University