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Basic Survey

About one-third of the survey questions are considered “Core” questions that will appear on all surveys. To manage the length of time it will take any given individual to take the survey, the remaining questions will be randomly administered within each institution’s participating population (see Sigma Xi Postdoc Survey Reports, available in print and online). Consequently, while each institution will receive data on all of the following, an individual respondent may not be asked about every single one of the following topics.

  • Authorship policies
  • Benefits Issues
  • Career Issues
  • Compensation
  • Concrete skills training
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Mentorship
  • Misconduct policies
  • Policy awareness & efficacy
  • Postdoc association and/or office
  • Postdoc control of experience
  • Productivity
  • Recruiting issues
  • Research environment
  • Research ethics
  • Resources and facilities
  • Retention
  • Satisfaction
  • Status
  • Student vs. employee
  • Teaching
  • Time limitations
  • Training
  • Travel funding


Local Survey

The web-based survey software will accommodate a set of up to ten local questions in addition to the base survey questions. If you would like to have local questions, we will be happy to work with you in developing them and working through any required approval by your institution’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) as well as by our subcontractor RTI International’s IRB. We will load the local question set into your institution’s survey and will analyze them in the report that you get after the survey. Possible topics include might include the following:

  • New institutional policies or procedures
  • Specific training opportunities
  • Institution-specific materials or practices
  • Local cost-of-living, quality-of-life issues
  • Current or potential benefits
  • Effectiveness of current postdoc association and/or office
  • Possibility of forming a postdoc association
  • Facilities or infrastructure issues