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Issues of Special Interest

  1. [Duke] Marital status: single / partnered
  2. [Stanford] If you have a spouse/partner, is s/he (fill university):
    • Faculty
    • Staff
    • Postdoc
    • Student
    • Not (fill university) affiliated
  3. [Duke] Do you have a child / children?
    • If yes, how many?
    • Age(s) of child/children?
  4. [Duke] Are you planning to have a child during your remaining time at this institution?  Yes/No
  5. [Duke] If no, was this decision influenced by your position at this university?
    • If yes, how?  ______________________
    • top answers: money, stability, no time, benefits, PI reaction
  6. [Duke] If you currently have a child, was your child born while you were a postdoc at current institution?  Yes / No, born before appointment at current institution / no children
  7. [Duke] If you had a child during your current postdoc,
    • What was length of your parental leave?
    • How much of this leave was unpaid?
  8. [Duke] If you currently have a child, how would you rate the availability of childcare programs?
  9. [Duke] If applicable, how much do you pay for child care per month?
    • Preschool child(ren) ____ $ per month
    • Before school care
    • After school care
    • Other
  10. [Duke] If you currently have a child, how would you rate the support of your PI toward your family life?
    • Extremely unsupportive (1) to Extremely supportive (5)
  11. [Duke] How adequate is consideration given to family responsibilities when meetings or schedules are planned?
    • Extremely inadequate (1) to Extremely adequate (5)
  12. [Duke] US Citizen: yes/no
  13. [Duke] Country of citizenship?
  14. [Duke] Residential status:
    • Permanent/citizen
    • Application pending
    • J1
    • H1B
    • F1
    • O1
    • Other (specify)
  15. [Stanford] Have you experienced any difficulties renewing your visa while at this institution?
    • Yes
    • No

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